US Open 2011….Peace Out.

I think there’s some classic quote somewhere(which of course I can’t find right now) that says, “if all you’ve got to talk about is the weather than there really isn’t that much to say” or something lame like that. And well, as I’m sitting here reflecting on the 29th US Open all that keeps coming to mind is the wintery weathery mix of a Vermont spring aka rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain, and then some more rain. Not to say that there’s nothing left to talk about but when Mother Nature is in a PMS ADD spin cycle it’s kind of the one thing that stands out.  fisher rocking the unofficial outerwear sponsor of this year’s Open….hefty trash bags.

But this is the Open and come hell or high water, both of which seemed present this week, there will always be a handful of riders who make you forget that the pipe is icy and kinked and the landings of the jumps are boiler plate washboard chunder bumps.  Eric Willet, Mark McMorris, and Chas Guldemond almost made double corks and 12’s in flat light fog look easy, while Kazu, I-Pod, Louie and Kelly made the pipe look fast and smooth. God bless them…because let’s face it, it wasn’t that awesome.

But here’s what was awesome…the dualing quarter pipe, hip, rail jammy playground of snow and steel that the wizards from Snow Park Technology crafted for Friday night’s expression session. Now, the words expression and session get combined all too frequently in this sport, usually referring to a standard one feature rail jam but after watching 90 minutes of your favorite park and pipe riders come up with new ways to use this video-game-esque feature it truly was a creative session of expression(duh). Seriously though, in one glance you’d see Charles Reid going massive off the hip, while Yale Cousino was Mctwisting it out of the quarter pipe and a bunch of rail monkeys were clickity clacking there way up and down boxes and kinked rails. Mind blowing and awesome and real unrehearsed snowboarding at it’s finest. peace flags of shred….

For the past 20 some odd years there has always been a theme to the US Open and honestly in all my years of shred I never really thought we’d see a theme based off of a Grateful Dead album. I thought that shit died with Jerry. No disrespect, I love me some Cherry Garcia and music in all it’s forms is pretty rad, it’s just that I never thought that the US Open would cloak itself in tie dyes and drug rugs and throw psychedelic mushroom parties ironic or otherwise. But I guess it’s all in the name of world peace and like any beauty pageant contestant, I can back that…. ellery and I peace out…

Anyway, here’s a random schmattering of photos from another US Open and they kinda suck but at the end of three days of standing in the rain in a glorified garbage bag talking shred and weather on the webcast I just spaced snapping all the awesome moments of snowboarding’s oldest event.

My webcasting pals Henry Jackson and T-bird talk to sweet, sweet louie vito…The Powers Family and crazy batshit Charlie Sheen front row for men’s finals…

Susie shows her support for Japan with me, Hannah, Gretch and Kelly.Frends Crew…J-town, KP and Mase…Linner, El and Bertie too.Suspect scheming…..Danny Davis and J-town after poaching men’s finals.A little hometown support for Clarko….not that she needed it.Kelly takes home a handful of huge titles (BGOS, US Open and runner up in TTR) and a teeny tiny mini too….and a reminder that sometimes talking about the weather isn’t that mundane after all.

xoxo t


Here’s another US Open rant from last year and “the it’s not you it’s me” scenario is still in effect.

Another Year, Another Open.

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