yeah it’s snowing in Mammoth….

Storm of the century, el nino, el nina or whatever you wanna call it, it’s feakin dumping in Mammoth. I’ve been here staying at the Kelly Clark Bed and Breakfast waking up every morning to hot tea, fresh fruit smoothies and feet upon feet of fresh snow.. oh yeah and of course, howling, face souring, blow you sideways wind…it’s Mammoth after all. stretch marked, zebra striped, wind scoured chair 5…

It would be an understatement to say this place is windy, although Kelly swears it’s only windy when we come to town, which my friends, is straight up bullshit. This lovely massive mountain is the only place in the world you can go after a 50inch storm and wonder where the heck all the snow went as you bomb drop off miles of 10 foot tall wind woops searching for a stash. But this is also the only place in the world where you can go and watch it snow 7 feet in one sitting and have bottomless turns for days upon days. pipe pow slashes…

So yeah, it snowy and windy and fun, fun, fun and of course there’s a contest on the calender. The Roxy Chicken Jam is starting today, which might end up more of a banked slalom than a pipe/park sesh but at the end of the season and the end of the day these chicks just want to ride a little pow…..or at least I do. xoxo t

Kelly getting some in between storms slashes…

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