Chicken Jam…


So, yeah…the Roxy Chicken Jam. It was windy and wild and just how I remember Mammoth on a contest day, whipping wind tunnels and gusty gales that make it nearly impossible to ride a ditch or hit a jump. But whatever, it’s the end of a long season of contest this and contest that and so it was kind of nice to call the whole thing off. (This is not entirely true, they ran the contest without the heavy hitters in pipe, although Kelly Marren killed it, and turned slope into a zany Go Pro film project but for all intents and purposes the contest didn’t exactly go off). Kind of a shame but then again, if they’d run the contest we wouldn’t have slashed every inch of the 7 foot storm with people we never get to ride with. look kids….slope and pipe riders riding together…Basa, Aimee, Kelly and background props for Laney, Jenny and Lesley…Chair 12 doesn’t suck.

I love contests where people actually go out and snowboard together. Novel idea, I know, but it seems that more and more contest are just breeding grounds for synchronized snowboarding. Riders show up, do their highly skilled runs on repeat, pump some fists, sign some autographs, get some cash and pack up and do it again. They hang in their cliques, some even have fancy names like the this or that crew and slowly that all encompassing global shred community gets segregated by a bunch of nifty dye cut sticker gangs….anyway, I digress. My point is that it was rad to shred with all the chicks from the chicken jam and to tear around Mammoth in one big posse of shred.jenny jones….her slash was way better than this photo but you get the idea.

Pac Man and Charlie Brown sending out the vibe for the Mascot contest.

The saddest part about the crappy ass weather was that they couldn’t hold the annual Mascot contest. Now, I LOVE mascots and well, I love snowboarding, so the thought of mascots snowboarding is almost too good to be true. It’s like Disney on ice…okay wait, that’s lame. It’s like Halloween on acid, also a bad idea. Anyway, it’s awesomeness and if you’re not totally convinced of this fact check out the vid below. Aaaaahmazing….

Kjersti in her very own mascot costume….

There are so many things I could say about spirit hoods (pictured above) but I’ve already blathered on for way too long so I’ll just leave you with some parting party images….the roxy girls and jenny.Aimee Fuller……thank god for the brits and the dude filming for girls gone wild.

xoxo t

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