California Springing…

Thanks to those crazy Wright brothers and that French dude Le Bris, who pioneered the art of flight, our spoiled 21st century asses can fly from winter to summer in a few painless hours. Which is, of course, amazing and at the same time confusing. One day you’re bundled up in layer upon layer of winter gear battling the cold and the next you’re stripped down to booty shorts and half shirts peddling around in the summer sun. Okay, well no booty shorts or half shirts for this girl but in you get the idea.

Brits on holiday…and Basa too.

Last week after battling the wind and snow of the Chicken Jam, I spent a few awesome stripped down days in Southern California; sitting at outdoor cafes drinking hipster coffee drinks and cruising around Venice/Santa Monica with Alyssa, Lesley and the rest of the British shred crew as they scorched themselves silly in the California sun. Apparently sun is hard to come by where their from….and sunscreen too.

the hawker gawker strip on Venice beach…henna tattoo anyone?

Now that I’ve flown back to Colorado and am watching it snow and snow, I realize that spring in the mountains is just like the beauty of air travel, one day a completely different season than the next. Slushy, spring pipe days backed up by wintry, powder days and a back and forth between bikes and boards. Fun, confusing, annoying or whatever, all I know is it’s gonna be a while before we see any of these spring blossoms blooming…

lilies look pretty but always smell like death and funeral homes to me…

happy spring~happy travels…

xoxo t

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