Earth Day and Stuff…

It’s earth day so let’s all get together and give ourselves a giant group hug, bring a reusable mug to starbucks for a free coffee, buy an organic cotton tee, plant a tree and then go right back to littering the earth like we do the other 364 days of the year. I love the enthusiasm of Earth Day and the lack of enthusiasm the rest of the non-earthy days. That’s why I love Gretchen’s 21 Day Reusable Challenge which challenges/encourage people to create new habits around their love of single use products not for just one day but twenty one days in a row (gasp). Seriously, what is our obsession around the disposable shit, I mean I know it’s convenient and all but we’re like a bunch of giant, super hydrated babies wandering the earth with sippy cups and snack packs. How did our ancestors manage to survive in the wilds of Manhattan and LA without proper hydration? Anyway, check out GB’s challenge (it’s simple, no plastic water bottles, grocery bags or styrofoam take away containers) and let’s all get reusable and celebrate reusability everyday, because like the tree hugging hippies say “everyday is earth day” and maybe with a little practice we too can learn to walk the way of the wolf or some Native American shit like that…..

peace. xoxo t

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