Pond Skitchin’….

pre-shit-eating grin…

Nothing says “the season’s over” like dressing up in a vintage one piece (or nothing at all) and skimming across an icy cold patch of water completely hammered on cheap beer and good times. Yup, that’s the gist of what happened yesterday at Highlands and what happens in one form or another at every resort on closing days across the country. I’ve witnessed a zillion and one of these shin digs in my lifetime as a resort rat and pro shred, but yesterday as I spent yet another year watching hot dogs and naked dudes attempt to skitch across the pond, I began to wonder if there wasn’t more to this tradition. Being the curiosity seeking nerdlette that I am, I actually google-wiki-yahoo’d the “history of pond skimming”, hoping to find some vintage Austrian/German tradition with a fancy name like “abschöpfen beken” involving lederhosen wearing mountain men drinking homemade grog sending it into an alpine lake to appease the woodland spirits or something folklorey like that. Low and behold, nothing came up… so, I guess this kook fest is just another expression of our good old fashion American love affair with costumes, booze and carnage…vintage bitches.all american a-hole.bubbles on the bowl.

Happy skitchin’…

xoxo. t

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