nothing breaks my little heart more than a perfect pipe left to melt….

So, I hear it’s spring in the rest of the world. Bikes are being ridden, Frisbees are being thrown and people are coming out of their wintery funks to enjoy the rebirth of the world in sundresses and sunglasses. Unless of course, you’re in Aspen….it’s still winter in these parts.  Thanks Hooper for documenting my last spring session at Buttermilk….

Spring to me means two things..1) laying in the green grass listening to birds chirp and feeling the awesome anticipation that comes with the budding of trees and the blossoming of the earth or… 2) riding slushy, spring halfpipes with friends, chucking our carcasses around after a full season of shred. Neither of which are available to me in this first week of May.  Kota looks on as Gretchen gets all handplanty and stuff…

Despite the fact that the pipes are just sitting there melting away in perfect condition and that feet of snow continue to fall from the sky, it really is spring and the mountains are closed. So, we have to wait for another season to kick it out in the pipe and slash a few on the hill…. snowboarding is still so fun and worth the hike…

Unless of course you can muster the energy to drag your jaded end of the season ass up hill for a few above average turns, which is just what I’ve had to do to keep from lossing my mind in another spring storm.

Hope you’re enjoying spring even if it looks winter…

xoxo t

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