Bay To Breakers….

So yesterday, I ran my first official road race in classic tbyrnes style…donning a hot as hell fur spirit hood and surround by a bunch of drunk as hell twenty somethings and naked old dudes in cockrings. Yup, we’re talking about nothing less than San Francisco’s best footrace, Bay To Breakers. This here creative extravaganza of running, music, booze and balls has been going on for the last 100 years and based on the way SF can party I’d imagine it will be going strong for the next 100 or so. The people of San Fran can rally, people were raging up until the 7am start time and were seen wandering the streets in their costumes well into the wee hours of Sunday night. It’s insanity and I’m in awe of the commitment and passion the city pours into this event. People show up at the start line at the crack o’dawn in full blown costumes ready to run, walk and crawl the 12 kilometers from San Francisco’s Bay Bridge to Ocean Beach; tossing tortillas into the air (a race tradition that no one seems to know why they do it), chaining themselves together forming human running centipedes (not like that sick movie) and winding their way happily congested through the city’s downtown neighborhoods lined with people and bands cheering them on…. also in crazy costumes and also somewhat inebriated. It’s San Francisco awesomeness at it’s best.kmarr keeping up with the cockroaches on hayes hill….so many things I’ll never understand….why one would opt for a backpack over pants and well just plain old whhhhy?spawning salmon…another B2B tradition, every year a group of salmon run upstream sharing high fives and salmony cheer.escape from Alcatraz…this lady in the fish costume kept heckling everyone she passed saying…”you’re not gonna let an old lady in a fish costume kick your ass are you?” and ummm, yes we did.the finish.

As much as this event is toted as a big sprawling booze cruise parade of creativity and zaneyness it’s also a real race with real runners. All those super fast Kenya and Moroccan dudes and ladies toed up to this race, ran their hearts out up a classic SF hill or two and went home with a solid chunk of change (25k isn’t a bad pay day for 34minutes of running). So congrats to all the runners, crawlers, and creative geniuses out there and let’s make this whole running in costumes an annual thing. Who’s in?

xoxo t


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