Commonwealth and Cocktails…

Jennifer and her new endeavor…Commonwealth Skateboarding.

I’ve been spending a few damp and dewy spring (or is it summer yet) days in one of my favorite places…Portland. There’s so much to love…the down and dirty grittiness, the creative types, the food, the flowers etc. etc. but my new favorite thing is Jennifer and Lance’s new indoor skatepark, Commonwealth Skateboarding. I mean, yes I’m biased and yes I don’t exactly skateboard but this place is everything you want from an indoor concrete skatepark/gallery/new favorite hangout. Artsy murals from local artists, smooth fast concrete bowls and a tight little mini ramp with pizza and beer right next door. Plus, it’s indoors so when the northwest spits rain in your face for 295 days of the year you’ve got somewhere to go. So, come to Portland and check ’em out on 20th and Hawthorne and follow and fan out on them on all that social media shiz..after work cocktails at the bye and bye..another couple favorites, three liars and lefty’s prayercocktails that taste delicious and feel nutritious.

xoxo t


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