Zumiez Couch Tour Round Two…


Another summer of criss crossing the country has begun. For the second summer in a row, Greeny and I and a cast of rotating characters will be producing the Zumiez Couch Tour live webcast for We Media Project. For the next month we’ll be stopping in all your favorite malls from seattle to houston to philly and back again (and when I name drop those cities I really mean a strip mall town 20miles from any sort of cool city action. Seattle=Puyallup and so on). Last year we did the grease not gas thing but this year due to a vortex of suck we ditched the veggie van and trailer and are doing the country griswald style in your mom’s mini van. Whoop whoop.C_A_U_T_I_O_N!  Zumiez new skate set up and theme is code red.

As far as the Couch tour itself is concerned, it’s business as usual. Skaters clickety clacking up and down rails and hubbas, pro skaters rolling in like a mishmash band of dirt bag gypsys to sign autographs and kick flip it out for the kids followed up by poppy boy bands you’ve never heard of but that 10,000 screaming girls love, love, love. Did I mention they scream deafening mind blowing Beatlemania screams? But what would the world be without boy bands and the girls that love them?Now that we’re seasoned veterans of the road, we know the benefits of pulling far off of it to find farmstands and local eateries and thanks to a whole slew of navigation apps and old friends, we’ve managed that make this go around a little less “Truckstop of America” and a little more homespun Americana. Greeny and the goods…The couch…photo:aj

The Couch Tour continues….next stop Salt Lake City. Watch Fallen, Forever The Sickest Kids and Anarbor melt the minds of mormon tweens Thursday from your favorite web viewing device (iphone, android, ipad etc) on www.zumiezcouchtour.com

xoxo t

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