Salt Lake City…so artsy.

Last week, I spent a few days in Salt Lake City, drinking in all the quirky weirdness of the bee hive state. Reminded, yet again, that church and state go hand in hand and how that affects a night out on the town or the 4th of July falling on a Sunday. But, I was also reminded that Salt Lake City, is a real city with all the trimmings of a bustling metropolis… tattoo clad hipstery types, nichey eateries, designer drinks (measured and rationed by the state, of course) and a thriving local artist community.Jeff Archibald, US snowboard team coach, Utah native and self taught painter, opened up his home and studio, giving me a glimpse of the SLC art scene and the sort of creativity that can spawn from tightly regulated communities. He paints these amazing heavily oiled and textured ghost like scenes of Utah and her critters, creates shadow boxes filled with snippets of scraps and gems, capturing the dust and dirt of Utah’s deserts and does all sorts of mix media & crow.shadow boxing.a work in progress.

Being in an artist’s studio is like peering into the brain of a madman, there’s an order to the seeming chaos and a method to the madness of clutter and inspiration. Arch’s studio is no exception, it’s carefully littered with found objects; rusty beer cans, sun bleached bones and other treasures from his desert wanderings. Photos of mundane scenes taped here and there and mini collections of nick nacks and discarded scraps neatly arranged in shrines that inspire the works around him. It’s pure awesomeness….

rusty beer cans…oils.good as gold…

Check out the rest of Arch’s work and get yerself a painted pony at

And an extra special thanks to the fabulous ms kami, frankie beans and sal for some much needed chill time and evenings chats in the back yard. isn’t summer grand?

xoxo t


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