The Grand Traverse…

texas red.

We’ve traversed 5,000 miles of road, squashed one zillion summertime, swampy bugs on our windshield and listened to every podcast, playlist and story three people can tell in a car. And we’re only halfway there. I mean technically the chilling in mall parking lots (aka zumiez couch tour) is nearly done but 4th of July in Oregon is exactly 10 days and 5,000 more miles away, which if you do the math is like effing forever. Anyway, we’ve had some adventures, made some new friends, connected with old ones. Here are some snaps and side bars from our grand traverse…the middle. you want a DUI with that…

Even though Texas has managed to pave their entire state with highways and byways that require some sort of degree in topography to navigate and they still allowed people to chain smoke indoors like it’s the 70s(ummm, hello not that rad) and even though Texas is hot and humid as hell (literally), this state is kinda awesome. Maybe it’s the people with that southern charm thing or the drive through liquor stores that litter the highways and byways or a maybe just maybe it’s the spring break party scene that blew my square ass little mind. Then again I’m not that into short shorts or having shots poured down my gullet while grinding up on dudes, what can I say I’m a square…anyway, it was fun and cool and there’s a special little place in my heart for Texas these days.slugger. jackalope. austin.

webcasting chaos courtesy of baade… summer rules.

xoxo t


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