Athena & cottonwoods.

My summer has officially started. I spent an entire day cruising around sleepy Missoula, MT with one of my oldest shred friends, Athena, yeah, just Athena. I’m pretty sure she has last name these days but back then it was just Athena, like Madonna, no questions asked. Anyway, we spent the day weaving in and out of tree lined streets on her fleet of vintage cruisers, hopping from park to park catching up on years worth of this and that while numbing our toes in the freezing cold mountain streams. Top that off with a couple of muddled mason jar bevys, a back yard barbeque with some Montana boys, mustaches and machetes and you’ve got yourself an official kick off to summertime.

kevin in the tunnels.muddled mason jars.the boys & their beer. olympia. schmidt. PBR….yup, we’re back in the northwest.

happy 4th people.

xoxo t

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