hood river

Summer in Oregon rules. For a decade and half or so I’ve been spending my summers or some portion of them here. At the beginning, it was three months of lapping that little patch of Timberline snow with the entire world of shred. These days it’s more summer, less shred. More time spent by the river basking in the summery goodness of long hot Oregon days and less time laser baking ourselves on the glacier and groundhog day living in govy.The last two days we posted up at the Greenglow’s little red farm house enjoying the exploits of Lisa and Jeff’s massive garden; eating fresh veggies, feeding chickens and picking raspberries off bushes as tall as you are. Late night kitchen parties, mason jars exploding with wildflowers, homemade goodness, rope swings, tire swings and all my favorite Oregonians seated around the farmhouse table sipping drinks and telling tales was just what my road weary soul needed before my next departure. So yeah, summer in Oregon rules and so do the people who’ve made this place feel like home or another version of it.river & rope swing.huck shakes & tire swings…
lance head high in berries.raspberries.little e.family gatherings.adams.

told you it was awesome…

xoxo t

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