Block Island.

the bluffs.

Kelly, Susie and I just spent a few days on island time, or more specifically “Block Island time”. Island time is supposed to be all chill and slow paced and cruisey but we pretty much did everything you can do on the island in a couple of action packed days. Beaches, ponds, sailing, swimming, SUPing (is that a word?) trail running, piano bars, dance parties and I even had my face melted off by a Block Island Mudslide; which is like a regular Mudslide only 5 times stronger than any drink I’ve ever had and the locals drink them for breakfast. Seriously.

convertible, bitches.

But mainly, we just cruised around Rhode Island’s quaint little island in Tim and Becky’s 1972 Chevy Impala convertible, waving at people like we were in some motorcade/parade of kooks and assed off like people do on vacation. see below.we were kind of obsessed with the car hence the band photo. sunset sail in the worlds smallest sailboat.capt’n timamericana & stuff.

xoxo t

oh yeah, extra special thanks to becky and “vacation tim” (who unofficially run the island and were our personal party planners) and to the rest of the crew at The Beachead…when you’re in Block Island go there for eating, drinking and general merriment.

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