eagle, birdie, bogie, par…

Last weekend was the 2nd Annual Kelly Clark Foundation Golf Tournament. Which was probably what you’d expect when a group of rag tag snowboarder types hit the links; caddy shack quotes, poor golfing etiquette (bare feet and bare chests aren’t exactly country club chic), shanking, slicing, smack talking, golf cart rallying and a couple good shots here and there. But hey, it was for a good cause. Kelly kicked off her foundation last year and the tournament has raised close to 30k grand and awarded a bunch of scholarships to kids who want to follow in her footsteps ie; go to a mountain school, follow their big dreams of shred, bag a few Olympic medals and what not. Which is pretty darn sweet, and if I have to hit a little white ball around 18 holes of Vermont greenery to help raise some money, well then, I’m down for the cause and besides my mother would be so proud that all that money spent on golf lessons as a kid is finally coming in handy…well, kinda.
Clarko power putting for par.umm, yeah we spent some time in the woods looking for lost balls.

In other tournament news, Susie (god bless her poor little heart) challenged me to a Ms. Pacman contest. It seems that Mount Snow, VT, a town without a local grocery store or pharmacy, has an abundance of high speed Ms. Pacman machines. So, we sized up the options, set out a plan and started shit talking our 1980’s arcade skills. Susie was claiming pretty hard, but here’s the thing, if there’s one skill I have it’s navigating Ms. Pacman. Before I found snowboarding, I spent countless hours holed up in the Stratton base lodge bumming quarters off strangers and playing Ms. Pac with the rest of the lodge rats. That was, of course, until my father put the kibash on my set up, claiming something about expensive season passes and how he wasn’t driving my spoiled ass the Vermont every weekend to play video games. What can I say? Skiing bored me, still does. Anyway, it ended badly for Susie…and we’ll just leave it at that.

player one, round one...susie’s moment of glory.

So yeah, everyone should come to Vermont for next year’s outing, help fund the future of shred and play a little ms. pac too.

xoxo t


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