Red Carpet Kelly.

I just spent two and a half hectic days doing the ESPYs with Kelly (who was nominated for 2 ESPYs), which basically meant going to a bunch of cool guy Hollywood parties and after parties and after after parties with extra special exclusive golden tickets and wrist bands, only to stand in the corner scoping out mad bling on giant humans who are big deals in sports I don’t follow. Every elevator ride, meal in the restaurant, trip to the gym or drink in the bar we were surrounded by super fit super humans or teeny tiny hungry looking Hollywood types. It was a trip, and a good reminder that our little world of shred is pretty awesome. Not to say that I didn’t have my super fan out moments, I was all about Brian Wilson’s spandex bodysuit tuxedo. Ummm, totally effin awesome. Not sure exactly what he can do on the mound but any dude that squeezes into that get up at an event where the majority of people take themselves way too seriously is alright in my book. I also might have gotten caught up in Bieber Fever (yeah, I saw the movie and liked it) and like a nerdy school girl, I introduced myself to Bieber’s manager only to find out we actually went to high school together, who knew? So yeah, it was cool and fun and all that but I’m good on that scene for a while and happy to be back in a place without metal detectors, entourages and secret handshakes. ready for action.Kelly,  Sarah, Rory…no ESPY but lots of confetti. more confettifull moon party.Ceelo.

xoxo t.

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