Weddings & Wine

jeff & tammy.

Weddings are cool and all and at this point in my life I’ve been to a lot. I mean, I come from a big ass family, I’m like super popular or at least on the internet (wink wink) and well, I’m kinda old and so ya know most of my friends have been married at least once or twice at this point. But last weekend, my cousin Jeff tied the knot at his vineyard in Hood River over looking Mt. Hood and the Cascades and acres and acres of grapes and it was all sorts of special. Not saying that I’ve ever been to a wedding that wasn’t all that special but it’s hard to compete with an amazing location, local (oh yeah, it’s oregon after all) artisan food and bottles and bottles of hand crafted organic wines shared with family.

the kid’s table running amok.

side note: I’ve never graduated from the kids table. People might joke about stuff like that but I legitimately have never sat at an adult table at a family function (big family, lots of kids, I’m a juvenile). No complaints though, Addy, Millie, June and the 20 other little girls from our clan had the most fun by far and made the best dance partners. Those girls got moves.

the it local? wendy & the girls.

Last fall, Lisa and I spent a day with Jeff on his property learning a thing or two about the art of wine making. Or at least Lisa did, I just wandered around snapping photos of Jeff’s latest business endeavor, which by the way you should all check out. Cerulean Wines is my new favorite vintner and I love, love, love the rose, chardonnay, pinot noir, reisling, red sky and of course the tempranillo, which just about rounds out the whole collection. So yeah, check ’em out and if you’re in Hood River stop by their tasting room. jeff and lisa checking out the goods.sante.

here’s to jeff and tammy and good wines and family and kids that party harder than you do…

xoxo t

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