Snowmass Lake

After a week of huffing exhaust fumes, getting my credentials checked by at least 14 brainless security guards a day and having my face melted off by the general sensory over load of X Games X-fest X-travaganza, a few days in the woods and off the grid seemed in order. For the second year in a row, I packed my backpack (well, okay, I don’t actually own a backpack or any camping gear with the exception of a therm-a-rest and an ALEX bottle) but I packed a borrowed backpack full of borrowed gear and food and fun and stuff and headed out into the wilds of the Snowmass-Maroon Wilderness with a couple of friends and a dog to boot.greg tallies ho or something…

Greg and Tess and my new besties, Damien, Christine, Craig  and Mica the dog and I had big plans to hike to Snowmass Lake, camp and then get up at some ungodly hour and summit Snowmass Mountain (one of the 5 zillion 14ers in Colorado). Well actually, to be completely honest, I had no real aspirations of summiting the beast, given the general state of scaredy-cat-ness that I live in and given that some uber experienced mountaineer type dude took one wrong step to his death up there a few days prior. But, ya know, I was gonna give it the old college try and go til I got scared. Which, as it turned out, was not all that far into the first 90ish degree pitch of slippery ass scree/ sketchy ass boulder zone and when the baseball sized rocks started whizzing by my head and everyone pulled out their helmets and ice axes I pulled the plug.

Snowmass lake and the bouldery, scree filled way up to Snowmass Mountain.

Fortunately for me, Damien, who apparently knew better, had opted out of the whole effin hike from the get go and had a master chillaxin’ plan in place. So, instead of rock scrambling for five hours of hell, I spent five hours floating around Snowmass Lake in a jr. sized raft sipping sangria, laughing my ass off and scorching the shit out of my skin. Not a bad trade off.Damien, killing it.

Anyway, Snowmass Lake is pretty much all the awesomeness Colorado has to offer. So, pack your bags and drag yourself and all your bare essentials up the 8 miles of epic scenery, camp beside this massive lake, sleep under the stars, listen to coyotes howl and prowl throughout the night and if your feeling crazy, or lucky or whatever hike to the top of the mountain and bag that peak or something. Here are some snaps of the journey and what not…

Christine and Tess.mellow river crossing.the valley.aspen groves.fishin’sunset.

happy campin’

xoxo t

7 thoughts on “Snowmass Lake

  1. reminds me of when Jill and I did Pyramid last summer and on the way down from the top, a few goats kicked down some rocks the size of computers that went wizzing by me…. awesome time though

  2. Started following you on Twitter through a mutual friend and am now 100% obsessed with your adventures. This post has got me rallying my troop of siblings and in-laws to come visit me in CO so we can check this place out. Unreal. Colorado is too pretty for it’s own good.

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  4. Hi!
    My name is Alison and I’m with Dwellable.
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