Another Northwest Jaunt…


Portland. I know, I know I go on and on about this place and the amazing people and food and what not and then some friends come to town from Scotland and England and Boston and ask what does one do in Portland and I’m literally stumped. Like, what do you mean, what does one do? One eats, drinks, chills and ponders the meaning of life while looking vintagey cool at some uber hip coffee shop sipping a perfectly made, locally roasted, handcrafted Latte with that cute little fern leaf in the foam, that’s what one does. But they had other ideas, like sights and stuff. So, here are some snaps of things to do other than chill and people watch in my favorite little city.


I guess it’s called the city of roses for a reason….the Rose Garden.powell’s…used books and all.

Powell’s is pretty mind blowing…not only is it the largest flippin’ bookstore on the planet but well, it’s a bookstore that still exists on the planet.  Last time I checked,  bookstores were a thing of the past… but then again, Portland lives forever trapped in time, firmly planted in 1996…used books, record stores and all.

Oh yeah, and I fell in love on this trip. Meet Lefty, my new fav.  I’m generally not a fan of picking up steaming hot piles of shit but this little critter wormed his way into my cold heart with his cute puppy ways…and well, I can almost understand how people happily scurry around after their beloved pooches picking up every nasty ass mess they make. Seriously…just look at the guy.

xoxo t

2 thoughts on “Another Northwest Jaunt…

  1. Great Post! But I hear that it’s in the 90’s in the Northwest today…..while here in the East we are doing the rain every day bit….crazy

    dick R

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