My new favorite band came to town this weekend and I’ll spare you all the gooey details of DeVotchKa’s musical awesomenss, because trying to describe music is really just an act in futility. You either end up comparing the band to a couple other bands that are kinda sorta just like it except it’s a little more like this or a little more like that or you end up sounding like some pompous ass describing the emotional essence of the music…man. So yeah, let’s just say that any band of wine swilling gypsies that can mix and match guitars with a mandolin, tuba, trumpet, violin and an accordion while singing in foreign tongues without being some cheesy eclectic fusion thingy are kinda awesome in my book.  So before I start gushing a whole bunch of inspired by amazing music emotional crap, I’ll just say check ’em out and see ’em live because we just don’t see enough tubas an accordions at rock shows these days…. belly up.

Who knew the Tuba could be so cool…

xoxo t


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