Crested Butte and back…

Last week a few of us hiked from Aspen to Crested Butte. It’s one of those iconic late summer/early fall trips that everyone talks about; raving about the wildflowers and the foliage and all that mountainy wilderness stuff. But since winter came early in these parts, our adventure was a little less frolicking through acres and acres of colorful, poppy flowers and a little more navigating snowy, muddy switchbacks. There is something so cool about walking from one town to the next; along rivers, through meadows and over mountain passes …it feels all VonTrapp family Sound of Music and shit…minus the escaping Nazi Austria and the whole singing nun thing. But yeah, it’s always awesome to remember that your feet can actually take you places and back again.snowy peaks.back of the bells.

And Crested Butte is pretty awesome destination to trod along to, with a couple of quaint downtown blocks filled with fun little eateries, saloons and bars and all sorts of cowboy, ski bum shenanigans…oh, and my new favorite fancy drink spot….Montanya. Silverton’s rum distillery recently made Crested Butte its home and is serving up a bunch of delicious hand crafted cocktails that made me realize rum is good for more than just Mojitos and Caribbean vacation umbrella drinks. cardamon, ginger and rum goodness in the Maharaja Martini.and back again.
it’s beginning to look like autumn in these parts.

so yeah, wildflowers or no wildflowers this little walk through the woods is totally worth it…especially when you know there’s a comfy bed, good friends and good times on the other side.

xoxo t

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