My new bestie and her beau of a decade or so decided to tie the knot this last weekend at a perfect little Colorado ranch complete with a saloon and real live shit kickin cowboys. We played lawn games, drank mason jar bevies and dance all night with old people and little people too …which as far as I’m concern makes for a lovely affair even if the older sect did cringe slightly when I requested Miley Cyrus’s Party in the USA, but hey, the flower girls were down.

flowers & flowergirls.anna & dale all hitched and stuff.saloon shindiggiant jenga.

This photo was taken moments before I pushed all the blocks on top of her head and yelled “Jenga” in her face…good thing I’m not competitive with 5 year olds. But yeah, giant jega rules.

bocce.twirling anna.

So, here’s to Anna and Dale and western weddings with all the trimmings.

xoxo t

2 thoughts on “Hitched

  1. Great description of a great wedding! Pictures are fantastic.
    Good luck, Tricia, in NYC and don’t forget olives! Salt saves the day!

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