Premiere Season

The Meeting 7

It’s premiere season and truth be told I’m not the hugest fan of sitting around watching shred flicks and fanning out on every epic pow turn, back country booter and gnarly rail section ridden last year. In fact half the time I sit in these dark theaters with my eyes glazed over, thinking about god knows what with my mind desensitized to what should in actuality be blowing it…super steep, sketchy as shit chutes of death, gnarly crevasse gaps, triple corks, double corks, out running avalanches and on and on. And yet I’m like an ADD, gnat sized attention span holding, over stimulated teenage, who after ten minutes of banger clips is like “yeah, seen it”. It feels sort of sacrilegious to even mention it and maybe I’m just jaded and bitter or something but sometimes seeing too much of a good thing makes it feel kind of…average.  TRice and the boys of flight.

Not to take anything away from these above average shredders because let’s face it, they’re killing it and pushing it to points where they very well could be killing themselves (a la Mark Landvik in Art of Flight) And when you look at what’s going on in this year’s batch of flicks they’re filled with next level riding, national geographic cinematography and hollywood scores….but I guess I just want more and less. Less 70+ minute flicks, more story lines, less samesies, more personality and less mega slow mo….we get it, you’re artsy and stuff but at some point slow mo coffee pouring shots just feels like overkill. Anyway, I’ve said too much (as usual) but gold stars and super duper high fives go out to Kazu, Mark Sollors and Mikey Rencz in Standing Sideways and Scotty (minus the agonizing jawbreaking bit), Travis, Jonesy and those crazy ass heli pilots in The Art of Flight and Kimmy Fasani for doubling down in TB20.  Oh, yeah and an honorable mention for skier Seth Morrison’s The Ordinary Skier…. I love documentaries especially well done ones that make you think, laugh and learn a thing or two about stuff you thought you already knew.

happy viewing…

xoxo t

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