It’s fall in these parts or in actuality it might be the beginning of winter. The sky is filled with threatening snow clouds and that cold damp air filled with the smell of decaying leaves has settled in for good. So, Tess and I decided to make one more long journey into the woods before the leaves fall off and winter drops in. We hiked the 8 or so miles up to Conundrum hot springs, one of those perfect little hot springs nestled in a majestic basin of mountainy peaks….you know the one you always imagine having to yourself but when you roll up to it after 3 hours of hiking to soak your weary legs it’s inevitably filled with a bunch of dirty backpackers and that token naked dude and the awkward “so, where are you from?” conversation begins…a moment of solitude between dirty backpackers and naked dudes.Aspens & Pines

golden leaves and tess.

After an hour or so of getting our soak on we decided to head back before those daunting looking clouds did something daunting…like rain or snow. Which, of course, they did about a mile in. So, we walked the rest of those 8 miles home in the rain, six of which we felt all noble and peaceful and stuff admiring the sound of rain and then spent the last two soaking wet, covered in mud, in near silence trying to guess which meandering meadow we parked near….aaah the great outdoors.foliage.

xoxo t


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