Santa Cruz

Steamer Lane.

I just spent a week in Santa Cruz watching whales breach, sea otters frolic and tattoo clad cali dude bros with pit bulls and bad tattoos stroll the point. It seems that bad lower leg tattoos, flat brims, exposed biceps and pit bulls are kind of a package deal in those parts just like surf contests and 2ft waves. Not that I’m an expert on surf or waves or much for that matter but Greeny and I were down there producing the O’neill Cold Water Classic surf event at Steamer Lane, a spot notorious for big barreling waves but come contest time there was hardly a ripple. wave watching.

We spent most days staring at the horizon with the rest of the O’neill peeps looking for waves or ripples or any sort of wave like movement from the ocean while trying to predict future.  Hemming and hawing over scenarios, shuttling ourselves up and down the coast and back again chasing mini waves and eventually conceding to the fact that the epic spot wasn’t so epic at high tide with no waves unless of course you came for the whales…which I did. Seriously, I don’t think I’ll ever tire of seeing those massive mysterious creatures bob along the coast line. Anyway, after all that speculating and chart reading and swell guessing we ended up at Waddell’s little beach break watching some pretty talented dudes make mushy white wash look good and the internet worked so everybody won.boardwalk.

xoxo t


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