NYC Marathoning

I’m in….and officially stressing. A few days from today (Sunday to be exact), I’ll be running or more likely doing some crawl/stagger thing through the big apple with about 40,000 or so other wing nuts who’ve sign up to run the New York City Marathon. Now, I’m no marathon runner or runner at all for that matter but some how some way I got myself into this mess. Good cause, good friends, good exercise or what have you. But with one week to go this suddenly doesn’t seem like such a good idea. I mean 26.2 miles is a long ass way to go on foot or in a car for that matter and as the story goes the first guy who ran the marathon (from Marathon to Athens) collapsed and died upon arrival. NBD.

But…I’m in and I’ve been pounding the pavement, icing, stretching (kind of) and doing all sorts of other nerdy athlete stuff I swore I’d never do (ie; goo shots, power gels, heart rate monitors, training plans) to get ready for this daunting little adventure. So let the games…err and stress begin and let’s hope I don’t collapse on arrival.

If you’re in town or have nothing better to do on Sunday you can follow me as I creep my way through all 5 boroughs on this fancy app I’m bib 53-133 and check out our good cause at

xoxo t

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