city hall…occupied and smelling like stale piss.

I spent the last couple of days wandering around Philly doing all sorts of nothing-esque activities; café chillin, chai drinking, people watching, architecture scoping and what not. Maybe it was the balmy t-shirt weather in mid November or the general awesomeness of feeling like you’re discovering a new place that’s been right next door the whole time…but either way, Philly is pretty much my new favorite spot. With its historic buildings and bells and statues and its cute little neighborhood spots Philly’s got a lot to love. Not to mention a way chiller pace of life compared to the hustley bustleyness of its nearby cities…I mean, New York,  you’re great, I heart you, but waiting 30minutes to be seated at a wiggley woggley table crammed in between a couple other wiggley woggley tables shouting over the commotion of breakfast chaos while dealing with an ambivalent waitstaff day after day gets a little old….just sayin.

So yeah, put Philly on your new urban spots to meander about and be on the look out for all things Ben Franklin…he’s kind of like a big deal in those parts. PS….that’s George Washington, tricorne hat and all but I swear Ben’s on every other street corner.

xoxo t

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