Beirut… making the boys at band camp seem cool.

Last week I watched Beirut rock Philly’s Electric Factory with their awesome little brass ensemble, accordion sounds and nerdy school boy hair dos. I was never all that into the boys from band camp but there is something so awesome about the real live sounds of trumpets and tubas and trombones mixed with electric guitars and drums and a good ol’ fashion egg shake that makes jazz band boys seem cool… or maybe it was just their shaggy hairdos, I’ve always been a sucker for those.

But yeah, the music…I’d heard a little bit of Beirut prior to show and all that but live music has that magical sort of way of bringing together the hallowness of recorded sound and well, umm, making it alive while simultaneously changing your experience with the original recording. Maybe it’s just me but after seeing the show and the constant swapping of instruments and sounds I can suddenly hear the tuba and the accordion and can see Zach Condon strumming his teeny tiny ukelele singing “The Penalty” which is all sorts of cool in my book.


Anyway….yay for live music and the boys in band.

xoxo t


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