Glass House

Once upon a time I lived in New Canaan, CT…weird, I know. To me it always seemed like a sea of cashmere cardigans, pearl necklaces, loafers and gas guzzling SUVs. But apparently way back when in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s it was a hot spot for the modern design movement with its lax building codes, proximity to NYC and woodys landscape. So, a bunch of Harvard architect dudes, dubbed the Harvard 5, moved out there and built a ton of experimental and influential houses, Philip Johnson and his legendary glass house being one of them.Philip Johnson by Andy Warhol

For years, I lived on the same road as Johnson’s New Canaan compound occasionally seeing the aging architect strolling the hood but I never really knew about him or what lived behind his art deco gates. Friday, I finally toured the 47 acre estate and got a glimpse of a different kind of New Canaan, one with a thriving artist community pushing the boundaries of design and umm, well parties. Andy Warhol, the Velvet Underground and all sorts of other movers and shakers from the last 50 years were all about the wild life in New Canaan. Who knew? But then again, I guess you never really know what your neighbors are up to.

looking out Da Monsta at the librarypainting gallery…or tomb.rotating painting collection complete with Warhols, Rauschenberg, and Stellasthe sculpture gallery.

So yeah, if you find yourself in the wilds of Connecticut check out the Glass House and the other 11 or so influential buildings on the compound and see where all your IKEA furniture got its inspiration…seriously, it’s hard to remember that this stuff was ground breaking at the time when half the stuff is on sale at West Elm. Anyway, ask for Ms. Laura Einstein to show you the around, she knows her stuff on Philip Johnson, modern architecture and New Canaan happenings.

xoxo t

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