Christmas Cheer

GB, me and Kelly with the world’s unhappiest elf..

Two years running, Gretchen, Kelly, Chris and I have hosted a little holiday ho ho hoedown in Breck. Last year we rallied the troops in a Christmas cookie making extravaganza and this year we held a good ol’ fashion ugly sweater party. Luckily, Summit County has enough ugly sweaters to outfit the entire world of shred in hideous turtlenecks, sweater vests and holiday get ups and we served enough eggnog and mulled wine to convince 20 of your favorite shredders that banging on neighbor’s doors singing out of tune Christmas carols at the top of their lungs at 10PM on a Wednesday night was a good idea. Santa’s helpers. Enni, Cilka and Linn. Our creepy Christmas dudes in their Christmas duds. Matching sweaters matching phones. Moto and Soko.

Happy Holidays…

xoxo t

PS. Extra special holiday thanks to Dave Lehl for setting up his snazzy photo booth and snapping the night away. Be sure to check out his shred photos and hire him for all sorts of awesome jobs too…

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