Hear Me Now…

So here’s the deal….I’m not a feminist. I mean, yeah, I took the obligatory mind melting Fem Studies class in college and tend to get all irate about inequality, female or otherwise, but I kinda like to think we’re all looking out for each other…man, woman, dog, cat, yeti etc. But lately it has come to my attention that in our little community of shred things aren’t quite as equal as they used to be.Tina B getting her late 80’s tweak on….photo courtesy of Chantry.

A long, long time ago, when I started snowboarding (yup, I’m all old and stuff) there was no such thing as women’s boards, boots, bindings etc. or women’s events or equal prize money or any of that stuff we tend to take for granted these days. So, the small group of women’s snowboarding pioneers banded together slathered everything in pink (gag) and made some big stuff happen; we started creating our own products and events and demanding equal prize money. Now, women’s snowboarding is more progressive and popular than ever with arguably the best rivalries in the sport and it seems we’re taking a step back.

Gretchen and Kelly will not be Dewin the Dew…

The Dew Tour cut the women’s events from the Killington, VT stop, X Games trimmed down the women’s field to 8 riders and TTR has events of the roster that don’t have equal prize money. Maybe this is more a commentary on the state of affairs of the world (see economic crisis a la Greece, Italy etc.) or what happens when we whore out our sport for made for TV events that are more interested in time slots and commercial holds than good ol’ fashion shredding… I dunno. lights, camera, shred…

All I do know is that like good little girls we’re politely sitting back and waiting for someone else to open up the door. Not that we need to beat down the TV stations, burn our bras and beg for them to take us back but maybe just a little teeny, tiny, peep from the snowboarding community saying “hey, it aint cool”. So, here’s my peep and ya know what, it aint cool and as much as I love me some good primetime carnage and snowboardy drama we’re better than that and maybe we should show a little move love to the events that have been supporting snowboarding all along and didn’t just sign up when we got all hot and skinny and stuff…

kisses… t

PS. While we’re on the topic, chivalry better not die on my watch. I like having the door held open for me and having a fancy drink sent my way every now and again…yup, that’s right, I wanna have my cake and eat it too.

8 thoughts on “Hear Me Now…

  1. The halfpipe lit up for absolutely no reason at Dew Tour, Breck must have cost some change… that change could have easily gone to a wms shred comp in Killington. Guess we’ll have to find powder instead!

  2. I remember the good ol’ days hiking up the hills w you – and the boys – at Strat and Kill – no one seemed to care who was a girl or boy then, everyone just rode together (or in my case wiped out!). Love the post. Hate the reason for it. And everyone knows Gretch is much better looking than Shaun (no offense) and draws a huge crowd, and Kelly flies as high as the guys outta that pipe – seems fiscally stupid for them to deny.

  3. I agree 100% with Ms. Byrnes. But remember we’re living with the unfortunate existence of women like the Kardashians, who really take our progress down a HUGE notch. Its all their fault.

  4. Yo T,
    Are you on the east coast for Christmas? I’m at KMS now and would love to have you up to ride with the team. Benji Farrow is coming next Tues-Thurs. How about you?

  5. I’ll buy a fancy drink for any woman who poaches the pipe at the Dew Tour. But you have to come to Stratton to get it, cuz, no way my money’s going to go all the way to Killington for a sausage fest!

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