Flaming Lips

My ears are ringing and I’m still pulling bits and pieces of colorful confetti out of my hair from last night’s Flaming Lips show. Somehow the boys from Oklahoma City managed to squeeze their explosive theatrical arena rock experience into Aspen’s cozy little Belly Up, turning the 400 person venue into a blown out amphitheater event complete with costume clad party goers and 20 somethings tripping their faces off. From the moment Wayne and the crew stepped on stage and a barrage of sensory explosions were unleashed. Within the first five minutes of the show Wayne inflated a giant, plastic space bubble and proceeded to walk/crawl/bounce over the crowd, confetti canons blew up in our faces and massive confetti filled balloons bounced and popped on top of us…and then there was the music. Aside from the solid poppy/psychedelic standards you’d expect from the Lips (She Don’t Use Jelly, Do You Realize etc.) they played a slew of Beatles songs, warming up for their NYE show with Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon, including a 20 minute jam on A Day In The Life which was about as trippy as I’d imagine the Beatles might have been in their Srgt. Pepper Days.laser beam hands…And, yeah….the confetti. Honestly, after two and a half hours of creative antics and constant confetti, it never got old. Which is kind of amazing, especially considering the fact that I was probably the only person in the joint who wasn’t on some mind altering, medicinal, chocolate type thing. Although, by the end of it I did feel a wee bit out there…So yeah, a big thanks to the positive, playful energy of the Flaming Lips and for giving us more reasons to be blasted in the face with confetti canons.

xoxo t

4 thoughts on “Flaming Lips

  1. Love, love, love your write-up. This captured last night’s show in Aspen, Colorado very accurately. The Flaming Lips are such an amazing band and their performance is out of this world. A must see for anyone who has never seen them perform live.

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