Worth the Wait

Generally speaking, I’m kind of impatient and slightly jaded. So, when it takes the season until January 21st to snow a few feet, I’m about ready to throw the towel in, move somewhere tropical and sip umbrella drinks with my toes in the sand . I mean I’ve had loads of epic powder days, blustery and bluebird and everything in between(not braggin just sayin) and so the thought of lining up with the rest of the powder starved people on a Sunday morning is not that inspiring. But what I forgot was, that riding powder is fun…so much fun and if that means getting up an hour before the lift opens to stand around with a bunch of uber agro mountain types chomping at the bit, scheming and planning their “epic routes” down “dipsy doodle and devil’s alley” well, fine, I’ll do it.  And I’ll even stand around in a huge ass line up the next day, with all the crusty mountain men who don’t have real jobs and hike up Highland’s bowl for a few epic slashes in the trees with my friends because snowboarding is fun and these are the kind of days that renew your spirit and remind you why winter is fun and stuff.Highland’s bowl untracked.

So yeah, maybe I’m not that jaded after all and for the record a good powder day with friends is worth the wait…

xoxo t

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