La La Los Angeles

Sometimes you gotta get outta Dodge…even if Dodge is a picturesque little mountain town nestled between pretty amazing and kinda fabulous. Rough life we live here…I know, but sometimes you just gotta move. So, last week I hopped on a flight to LA. Now, LA is not my most favorite city in the world but a direct flight to anywhere other than Denver from Aspen is a bit of a luxury. So, away I went, to do all sorts of LA-y type things with my LA-y type friends. We ran on the beach, sat in bumper to bumper mid afternoon traffic for no damn reason, hung out with celebrity types in dive bars, took “circus arts” classes, went to museums and did the usual eating, drinking and being merry that comes with gatherings of good friends.

Alyssa took me to her favorite “circus arts” class… silks or silksing or whatever it’s called was all sorts of fun. We rolled into the TSNY in some 80’s jazzercise get up and flipped and twirled and climbed about on these flexie fun ropes, or, I guess I should say Alyssa (former flippy, spinny, college cheerleader) did. I just climbed around and listened to the instructor tell me to “make it look pretty” which might take this inflexible, graceless pony a few more tries. We also checked out the North American Women Surrealist exhibit at the LACMA….aaahmazing stuff. I mean, I do have a mild obsession with Frida Kahlo and her tortured artsy ways and well, for that matter, it appeared that every woman in the show was somewhat tortured…maybe we all are. Anyway, it’s worth a walk through and to check out my new fav, Alice Rahon. Her sketchy, misty little paintings have a new place in my heart and so does the LACMA.Frida…I feel you sister.

So yeah, a few action packed days of sun and friends and effin traffic and I was ready to return to my wintery shangri-la… at least for a few days.

xoxo t

PS.making it look not so pretty.


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