Around the Way

It’s been a while and I’ve been some places and done some things….walked the streets of Manhattan in the spring rain, road bikes down the seashell streets and cobblestone thoroughfares of Nantucket, kicked it on the beach in So. Cal and Nor. Cal…drove some places, ate some treats, told some tales and more or less wandered as I do. Here are some snaps from around the way and a promise, if only to myself (and my father), to blog more and get back in the habit of sharing the slices of awesomeness along the way.I heart spring in the city…rainy days and all.Carnival action at Coney Island…Billiards and beers with the boys. Bam.Seashell streets in Sconset.Sankaty Head.So. Cal.skippin stones.serious freckle faces.

more wanderings and words soon.

pinkie promise. t

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