For the 3rd year in a row, I’m kicking summer off in the great Northwest. Doing all my favorite Oregon things before heading out for month of mall parking lots and mind numbingly loud days of Zumiez Couch Tour action. Yup, the mall tour starts now. Text C-O-U-C-H to my frontal lobe…

So, for the past week I’ve been savoring the goodness of Hood River and Portland… running through the orchards, hiking in the soon to be clear cut forests (boo) of Post Canyon and hunkering down at the Greenglow’s little red farm house enjoying fresh picked salads and summery cocktails in the glowing lights of the airstream. Lisa..the hostess with the mostess (organic, local, grass feed, sustainably harvested and all that too of course) We’ve been biking between hip little Portland neighborhoods, revisiting favorite spots and finding new ones, while running into every old pro shred from back in the day…seriously old snowboarders come here to die..or bike or get arty and get neck tattoos and shit. Anyway…here’s my last little hurrah and farewell before Greeny and I set sail on another summer of listening to the clickty clack of skateboards, shitty rock bands and MCs repeating “text C-O-U-C-H” for 12 hours straight…..aaah a cacophony of sounds no human should endure.

Wishing you all happy summery sounds…

xoxo t

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