The Long Way Around

Sometimes you wanna get places and sometimes meandering along the the by-ways are the best ways to get to the very same spot.Yeah, yeah it’s the journey that counts and all that grounded zen stuff but on a more literal level, spitting cherry pits out the window that you just picked up from the local fruit stand while watching snippets of summer living and mountain peaks roll by is waaaay better than having seasoned truckers and vacation packed mini vans pass you by on the I-5. Yup, pass us by…the grease-not-gas van goes an easy 65, so slow going is kind of our only choice.

Not sayin’ it’s a bad choice, cruising by small town carnivals and jumping in icy cold rivers and mountain lakes along the way make getting places a little more fun and sometimes more time is just what a journey needs.Swimmin’ in the Yuba.All American fruit stand.Cigarette smoking boys and swimming holes…Pretty sure the entire US of A is one giant string of power lines connecting one suburban sprawl to the next like a set Christmas Tree lights.scorched earth in Cali.carnies on vacay, Shasta style.

Happy travelin’

xoxo t

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