I Heart New York

20120816-221147.jpgIt’s true, I do. Even in the middle of a sweltering east coast heat wave where the humidity sticks to your skin like a hot wet band-aid and the pavement radiates hot piss and homelessness…I still love it, even then. 20120816-221215.jpgActually, this last trip I got to do some surprisingly epic summertime things in the middle of the Big Apple…rode bikes around Brooklyn, ran over most of the bridges in lower Manhattan and spent one epic summer’s day basking in the sun and swimming in the pool at The Thompson LES hotel surround by sky scrapers. Not a bad jaunt in the city.20120816-225620.jpgRainy day run over the Brooklyn Bridge.20120822-181140.jpgAnnie taking in the views from Dumbo.20120822-181219.jpgnew favorite NYC activity…roof top pool parties at the Thompson LES. Blue Ribbon sushi and the tasty Mojitos didn’t hurt either.

20120816-225440.jpgSoaking in summer evening with the rest of the city in Washington Square Park.

Happy summers in the city.

xoxo t

2 thoughts on “I Heart New York

  1. Love your picture essay……this old town has it’s uniqueness, doesn’t it….your timing, however, was bad as it’s in the low 80’s and dry most of this week.

    Unka dick

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