The San Francisco Experiment

Sometime you gotta shake things up a bit, challenge yourself a little and do some of that “go west, young man, go west” bullshit. So I did, I went west, or I guess I went just a little more west…from sunny-every-single-day-even-when-it’s-snowing Aspen to foggy-and-grey-even-in-the-dead-of-summer San Francisco. But sometimes you just gotta rip a perfectly good carpet out from under your own settled feet and try something new. Learn a little, live a little and all that.

Fog filled bay from Mt. Tam.

Which I’m doing…even if this new experiment has been a wee bit of a wake up call. In my first week, I managed to get mugged by some street thug in the sketchiest neighborhood in the city, witness domestic violence on a Saturday morning stroll and inhale more foul smelling street corners than I thought existed in this whole world.  I’ve also managed to watch the sun set over the pacific, gaze over the fog filled bay from the top of Mt. Tam, camp under the redwoods and eat and drink some pretty fine goodness. So yeah, welcome to the real world…it ain’t Aspen but it ain’t half bad. Up next….improv classes, eating every ounce of goodness SF has to offer and seeking out a new neighborhood that doesn’t smell so much like piss on the daily….gotta love the mission.

xoxo t

3 thoughts on “The San Francisco Experiment

  1. Nice! Point Richmond is super nice! Not Richmond. I had some friends that just moved back from San Fran. They lived up by the museum, and golden gate park. It is so much better up there.
    Hope your doing Awesome! Tina is killing it with her Cookie Dough business.
    Miss you much!
    Tommy B.

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