Greg & Tess Tie the Knot

Greg and Tess decided to get hitched and say all that” I do” stuff in a perfect little back yard wedding. Lucky for us, Tess’ parent’s little backyard happens to be a massive green Oregonian expanse, with a swimming hole, fire pits and acres of flat, fluffy grass perfect for all 100+ wedding guest to set up camp. Which meant the party started when tents were pitched Friday afternoon and never ended..literally, Kumbya and that Day-O song from Beetlejuice were sung by saucy, sideways leaning folks ’round the campfire til sun up. Beer canoe and a slew of styled out campers. Epicness all around.

Which is exactly how it should be..none of this get all your friends and family together for 5 hours of rented time to hammer through some scheduled traditions and then send them off til the next wedding or funeral but a good ol hang out, camp out, and dance party in the name of love and life and all that good stuff. So, cheers to Tess and Greg and a lifetime of long nights in the wild. daaay. me say daaaayo….campfire chorus of champions.Camp central.did I mention there was a food truck…yeah, that was pretty cool too.

xoxo t


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