Napa’s hot and sunny grape laden landscape is a quick little jaunt from SF. So, for a change of pace and in honor of Gracie’s 30th we weaved our way through wine country…one cherry, oak-y, spicy, dense with a hint of vanilla and a nose of cinnamon sip at a time.using all our big words to talk about grapes…with DJ from Keplinger.

Wine packs a million little memories into each glass…good times in the kitchen with friends, hot summery Aspen afternoons, winter nights by the fire and so on but do I know anything about wine? No, not really. I know what I like and I know what I don’t and I know that after a certain number of glasses everything seems pretty alright. on my way to pretty alright. Lithic from Keplinger is my new favorite red.

So, these wine tasting adventures where everyone hems and haws over the full bodied blah blah blah can be somewhat educational; at a certain point pallets are discovered and you really can taste a wooden vanilla popsicle stick as an after note and shortly there after you can only taste the woozey awesomeness of day time drinking and the slight beginnings of a wine headache.perfect place for a post wine nap.

Happy sippin’

xoxo t

thanks to the Keplinger crew for welcoming us into their house and for a delicious afternoon of wine and sun.

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