Austin City Limits

Music festivals sound like such bad ideas. Yes, generally, it’s a bunch of epic bands that you’d die to see all congregated in one location with the chance to discover new favorites along the way. But still, most outdoor music festivals translate to crowds full of hot, drunk, sweaty, muddy people you can’t believe share the same taste in music as you do. Leather short shorts in 90 degree Texas heat…that’s rock n roll from Tennis.

But when your new bestie offers you all access passes to Austin City Limits you’d be a fool to turn em down, drunken, hot, muddy mess and all.Matt from Delta Spirit climbing up the crow’s nest. 

Now, truth be told, I’ve never been to a legit music festival so all those aforementioned prejudices were just mere speculation, combined with summers on the Zumiez Couch Tour and winters navigating crowded super security showdowns like X-Games and Dew Tours. But, Austin City Limits, was surprisingly chill. Yes, we had epic treatment, food and drinks and golf carts shuttling us from stage to stage but often as not we would sit out in the field and listen to the bands with the other bajillion people in a non-hot-drunken-mess way. And I spend another minute deep in the heart of Texas I’m in danger of buying cowboy boots and short shorts, that state is kinda growing on me.Alabama Shakes kick ass. Period. The end.

But really, Austin is about the music and not one of the 20 or so bands we saw was even slightly disappointing. Old favorites like Andrew Bird, Weezer and The Avett Brothers rocked like you’d expect and new favorites like Delta Spirit, Caveman, Bombay Bicycle club and Alabama Shakes blew my mind too. And yeah, we got muddy and hot and danced with drunk people but I guess those parts of music festivals aren’t so bad after all.Caveman…singers playing floor toms are all the rage these days and I’m kinda backing spirit…I went from never hearing them to three shows in one day. #fullthrottle sopping wet, muddy and super stoked on ACL with Alyssa and Allison.

xo t


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