Home for the holidays

I know, I know. Resolutions have been made and broken, Christmas trees have been left for dead and the Valentine’s day is already taunting its heart shaped boxes in the faces of single people everywhere…but hey, I went home for the holidays. Or well, kind of. 20130113-173747.jpgFor the last seven or so years I’ve spent Christmas and New Year’s with my surrogate family of Gorog-Bleiler-Hotells doing all things wintery. And by wintery, I mean sledding, shredding, skinning, hiking and caroling (yes, caroling, as in, singing out loud to unsuspecting strangers). All of this, of course, with copious amounts of holiday treats, maple cayenne bacon and sips of Stranahans mixed in….welcome to the wild west.


Ellery came for some sledding and new year’s bliss. #stayhydrated20130113-173352.jpg

Scoping sled lines in Snowmass.20130113-173409.jpg

Kota and Chris doubling down.


Note-to-self, Gretchen and others who think “naw naw, I’m not gonna go sledding”: Put on the damn snow pants and mittens and hat and winter boots because no one goes out to “watch” a sledding mission and even if you are dressed in jeans and slip-ons and some sorry excuse for winter gloves you will damn well go sledding and proceed to freeze you effing ass off so, do yourself a favor and bundle up. See above photo for what not to wear.


Pow slashes too…


Bells from the bowl. I swear this never gets old.20130113-173647.jpg

Dogs, dogs, dogs.20130113-173712.jpg

lights out holiday style.

So yeah, there were powder filled days, cold Aspen nights, lots and lots of dogs and fun and friends and new year’s cheer.

happy new-ish year to y’all.

xo t

Side note…my amazing, sassy, equally crazy biological family is sprinkled around the east coast and unlike Santa I can’t seem to get to all their houses in one night. So, you know…we all gather round for turkeys and thanks during the other holidays and I beg them to move to Aspen.

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