Seven Springs of Icy Hell

Seven Springs of ice.jpgI love me some east coast shred but holy hell, these Pennsylvania Poconos people are next level. I’m out here in Seven Springs (home of Kristi Leskinen) for the Burton US Open qualifiers/Rev Tour and damn, is it icy. I know, I know…I cut my teeth on the boiler-plate wilds of Vermont and have a very intimate understanding of the varying degrees of blue ice but I’m starting to wonder if Colorado hasn’t made me soft.

PA's Version of Mothernature.jpgMother nature’s warriors caked in ice…

Last night, we rolled up here in the pouring rain and all consuming fog and watched happy shredders battle the elements for some east coast goodness. This morning, in classic east coast contest fashion, those soggy sixty-degree temps dropped down to the low teens and mother nature flurried the worlds smallest layer of snow on top of the slick-as-hell ice. And like any good resort, when the temperatures drop the guns go back on to replace what was lost in the rain creating the perfect version of “hell freezing over”.Open Late.jpgthe mountain’s open til 10…diehards, I tell ya.

So, when I finally rallied out of the matrix of a hotel this afternoon, I thought I’d be prepared. Heck, I pride myself on my ability to ride some crappy ass stuff and still have fun, and it was fun. Riding up the lift, checking out a new scene and marveling at the peeps dressed in Steelers Starter jackets lacking any form of eye protection. Did I mention these people are hardcore? No goggles, I repeat, no goggles…no gas station sunglasses or anything, just skiing under the world’s fiercest snow guns blasting shards of glass like “snow” into your eyeballs…NBD. I could barely chisel two icy eye holes in my pink iridium flat light lenses before being completely coated by the next gun. tbyrnes iced over.jpgsnowgun spackel 

Jaded? Maybe, but I took two damn runs up there (albeit one was spent skitching over frozen dirt, cheese gratering my ass and squealing like a school girl) but I did it, and I promise not to complain about “icy” conditions in Colorado or anywhere west of the Mississippi ever again.

Kudos to the PA peeps and good luck to all the competitors…

xoxo t


4 thoughts on “Seven Springs of Icy Hell

  1. Tricia. We are in Bend and noticed at Mt Bachelor is having a media day for snow boarders. If you are coming or any other time this winter please contact us or Jan. we have two spare bedrooms for you plus friends. My cell 203 918 6911 Jan 54i 480 1401. Would love to see you. We are here thru April. Joan

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