Late Season Aspen

ImageSometimes you forget just how much fun riding pow is….sometimes, like when it’s April 10th and you can see bare spots on the mountain and the buds are budding and that little nagging voice in your head is mentally check-listing everything you need to do for another spring cleaning.


And then it starts snowing… usually you get a few annoying neither here nor there flakes to make it look all sparkly and wintery again but nothing major. But last week in Aspen, it hammered feet upon feet of snow, day after day, turning our muddy April into full on winter over night.Image Since half of the town had already migrated to warmer adventures a tight local posse of appreciative peeps got the goods in Highlands’ Bowl. And it was freaking good…untracked empty laps on wide open pow fields and deep snow in perfectly spaced trees all day for days in a row kind of good.


Tess did this.ImageMegan did that.Imageand Gretchen and I did these….after a million bowl laps, of course.ImageSo, thank you mother nature and Aspen HIghlands’ for staying open these extra weekends!

And thanks to these guys for keeping it safe out there…Image

Because if you’re out of bounds it’ss all sorts of sketchy right now…Biggest slide I’ve ever seen…all the way around and to the dirt on Maroon Bowl. I’m sure there are technical terms and stuff but…dang.Image


xoxo t

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