Mt. hood from afar.jpg

Vacations are kind of a novel concept when every trip is kinda like one…part work, part play, part always kinda connected just incase. But when you make plans to travel some place awesome just to laze around with your man and your friends, I guess it’s officially a vacation. No real plans, stopping for roadside hikes, eating tasty eats and just enjoying the nothingness in a day with old friends, ya know, vacationing…sounds pretty good, right? Y’all should take one too…

20130501-144804.jpgunless, of course, you’re little E…then your life is a perfect little farm vacation filled with swings and wild critters and whole days spent running amok in your pajamas. 20130501-144818.jpgSeeeeee….real vacation, nerdy group shots and everything.

20130501-153101.jpgget after it…

xoxo t


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