Hot-Springin Spring…


At one point in time Mammoth was our home away from home. Even if you didn’t live in Mammoth, you spent at least three months a year there; a month of early season, a month of spring borderline summer shred and smattering of camps and contests throughout the winter. Eventually, the scene shifted from Mammoth to Summit County and pretty soon Mammoth was a once a year trip, if at all. 20130511-175710.jpgSo, when I went up to Mammoth last weekend for a few days of fun with the US Team after a two-year hiatus, it felt like a big ol’ trip down memory lane. I rode some slush, tomahawked over some frozen wind pockets, saw the weather change from sun to storm in a matter of gusts and journeyed out to the hot springs with the crew.20130512-155220.jpgEl and Hannah walking out.

We spent a lot of time in those hot springs back in the day, cold winter nights traipsing though snow and sagebrush just to soak under the stars with a few beers and of course one or two random naked dudes (I swear there’s always one) and long spring evenings watching the sun set over the Sierras. It’s darn pretty out there.20130512-155150.jpgHot Creek is a little too hot to handle these days…but pretty all the same.

Even though we’ve been to the tubs a million times it’s always a scavenger hunt. You know they’re out there but just can’t quite remember which dusty single lane dirt road you took to get there, or which cattle gate you turned left or was it right after and when you finally remembered the spot, you roll up to a tub packed with people.20130511-175826.jpg“Got room for 6 more and a dog…”

This time was no different, we and apparently everyone else from LA up for the weekend decided it was a lovely night for tubing. We spent 2 hours rallying from tub to tub looking for enough space for 6 people and a dog….not exactly the kind of crew you want rolling up on your good time anyway, but ya know, we figured we could annoy them out it. After lots of “awh eff it” talks we went back to the original spot, watched as 15 dudes sifted out and in a empty perfectly hot hot-spring we soaked as the sun set, relished in the goodness of life and of course rolled in the mud.
Gretchen and Ellery…homespun sulfur facials, rotten egg scent and all.megamoSo yeah, get out there and get your soak on next time you make it to Mammoth.


xo t


Hot tub photo stolen from @themegamo


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