Touristing at Niagara Falls

Maiden of the Mist at Niagara Falls.I’ve spent the majority of my life trying to see and do awesome stuff. Trying to avoid tourist traps and over hyped biggest balls of string and really get outside and be in it. But recently, I had this epiphany, that sometimes the reason places are touristy is because… they’re awesome. Yes, they were probably more awesome when discovered with a pack of friends and explorers on the back of mules and all that but sometimes even when you’re standing beside a million gaper tourists in matching rain coats it’s still pretty dang awe-inspiring.IMG_9566

We did a Griswold-style drive-by of Niagara Falls because we were in the area and ya know, that’s what people do. We watched the rushing waters of the Niagara River disappear over the edge of the falls, felt the mist from hundreds of feet below spritz our faces and stood in awe of its natural power elbow to elbow with a bunch of kooks just like us…and it was pretty damn cool. I’m still not entirely sure what drives people to fling themselves over the edge in a barrel, wooden or otherwise, but there certainly is something enchanting about that place. Definitely worth a wander and a trip on Maiden of the Mist probably isn’t a bad idea either.


Side note:

Not all tourist stuff is worth the bother but there are some big ones you probably shouldn’t miss. A few years back, I hiked the Grand Canyon with Sherowski. Now, I’d never really cared to see the Grand Canyon because it seemed “too touristy”. But when I got there I realized only an idiot would think a giant gapping hole with layers upon layers of eons old rock that you can walk right down the center of into the middle of mother earth was too touristy. So yeah, I’m an idiot and yeah, there was definitely enough space for all of us to get a good awe-smacking glimpse of it from the rim too. Read the full Grand Canyon nerd report here.





One thought on “Touristing at Niagara Falls

  1. Tricia. You have a wonderful gift for photography. The shots of Niagara are superb. Maybe that book I keep talking about is a picture book. Love Dad

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