Dillon Beach

Dillon Beach.jpgEvery summer requires a weekend (or so or much, much more) spent at the beach doing a whole lot of nothing. Days spent feeling the sand break open your shoe shaped feet and wear away at your regular life callouses and nights filled with games and talk and food and friends. Lucky me, I got to have that weekend of beachy nothingness at Dillon Beach; a sleepy little California beach town covered in fog with one of those general stores complete with over-flyered cork boards  and a “take one leave one” reading rack with 5 year-old magazines. I like those places…and reading old news has a way of putting things in perspective.foggy beach.jpg

One of my best friends from High School and her partner have an amazing abode over-looking the Pacific and that sleepy costal town and just like High School we spent an entire weekend eating, drinking and devouring TV shows (House of Cards) without the least bit of shame. I always knew those teenager years perfecting the art of nothingness would come in handy…20130722-144126.jpg

She definitely couldn’t make these in High School.

Enjoy the nothingness…

xo t












3 thoughts on “Dillon Beach

  1. Nothingness on the Northern Pacific coast is about one of the best things ever!
    I love your description of shoe-shaped feet in the sand!!

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